Roof Wind Damage Repair

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Because Texas is known for its severe storms, it comes as no surprise that every once in a while you will need to have you roof repaired due to storm damage. One of the biggest characteristics of storm damage is extreme wind, that has the ability to tear off roofing and blow trees over. If your roof has recently been affected by severe wind, please call the roofers at Topps Home Services for help. Our residential roofing company is able to offer reliable and effective roof wind damage repair in Georgetown, TX. Give us a call at 512-677-3811 to make an appointment for your damaged roof.

How To Tell If You Have Wind Damage

When your roof has been impacted by severe wind, parts of the roof are going to be missing, the vents are going to be damaged, and the gutters might be dented. While this is all easy to tell when you are on the roof, it is dangerous to get on the roof to see what type of damage you roof has. Although its dangerous, homeowners still need to know if the roof is damaged by wind. There are ways to tell if your roof is damaged by strong winds without having to get on the roof.

  • Debris is scattered all over your lawn.
  • There are tree branches and twigs all over the ground.
  • Your lawn furniture has is strewn over the lawn.
  • There are pieces of roofing material in your yard.
  • Your siding is damaged.
  • Your windows are cracked or broken.

To get roof wind damage repair in Georgetown, TX, contact our roofing contractors today.

Call Us for Roof Wind Damage Repair

If your roof has been severely damaged by wind, it is important that you call our roofers. This is a type of storm damage roof repair service that you want in order to avoid roof leaks, mold growth, wood rot, and more. We know it can be overwhelming, but the sooner you get help, the sooner you can get your roof back to the way it was before. Call us today at 512-677-3811 to schedule your appointment for roof wind damage repair in Georgetown, TX.