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As a homeowner, we do everything in our power to make sure our homes are in good condition. A big area that we need to keep in good condition? Our roof. The roof is central to protecting us against inclement weather and outside elements, so a sturdy roof is important. While we do what we can to protect it, the roof can still become damaged. The most common damages that a roof will sustain are roof leaks, which can develop for a number of reasons. If you have a leaking roof and you don’t know where to turn, call the roofers at Topps Home Services. We are able to provide residential property owners with roof leak repair in Georgetown, TX. If your roof leak was created because of hail damage or lack of maintenance, it doesn’t matter–our roofers will be able to to take care of it. Get in touch with us today at 512-677-3811 to make an appointment.

Reasons Your Roof is Leaking

There are many instances where a roof leak occurs, with the most typical being storm damage, the age of the roof, and lack of maintenance. While these are the situations that create roof leaks, there are a lot of reasons why there is a leak. Here are some of the most common reasons you have a roof leak.

  • You have an area of roofing that is missing.
  • There are a lot of holes in your roof.
  • There is too much moisture on the roof due to an overflowing gutter system.
  • The ridge cap is damaged and letting water in.
  • Your roof’s flashing is corroded or missing.
  • The roof vents are cracked or have gaps in them.

If you think you need roof leak repair for your Georgetown, TX home, call us today!

Roof Leak Detection

One of the biggest reasons that roof repair is needed is because of roof leaks. Roof leaks can form because of the age of the roof, a build-up of debris on the roof, missing shingles, clogged gutters, corroded flashing, and even improper roof installation. Because a roof leak can form anywhere, it can be hard to determine where the leak is located. Not only can our roofers provide roof leak repair in the Georgetown, TX area, but we can also offer roof leak detection service. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will be able to find the leak and repair it quickly. We will use leak detection equipment in your attic, inside of your home, outside your home, and on the roof to determine where the leak. When a roof leak is left without getting repairs, it can cause mold infestation, as well as wood rot. Don’t let either of these things happen to your home by calling our roofers today! We are ready to get your roof in great shape with our roof leak detection and roof leak repairs. If it’s an emergency, we can offer an emergency roof repair service.

d the leak and repair your roof good as new. Dial 512-677-3811 to schedule your appointment today!

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Don’t wait until you have water stains, structural damage, and mold growing in your home, call Topps Home Services today to get professional roof leak repair in Georgetown, TX. This type of repair is incredibly effective and reliable, so if your roof is leaking and you aren’t sure what to do, contact our roofers! We will use leak detection equipment to fin