Roof Flashing Repair

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Protect Your Home from Leaks

The purpose of your roof is to keep you and your home safe from inclement weather and outside elements. In order for your roof to do this, it needs other components to help it. One of those components is roof flashing, which is used to seal off the roof joints that are prone to leaks. Roof flashing is typically made of metal, aluminum or steel, that allows water to flow over and not penetrate the roof. While it’s a great roofing component, it can be prone to damages. To avoid a roof flashing leak, you will need to get professional repairs.

 At Topps Home Services, our roofers are able to offer roof flashing repair in Georgetown, TX for your home. Whether it’s due to leaks or age, we are able to fix your roof flashing and get it back in great shape. To make an appointment with our residential roofing company for this type of service, please call our office at 512-677-3811. We are ready to get your roof back in great shape with our roof services and more.

Signs You Need Roof Flashing Repair

It is so important that when your roof flashing is damaged, you get effective repairs right away. While the biggest sign that you need roof flashing repair is when leaks are present, there are other signs that indicate that repairs are needed. Here are some of the most common signs you need flashing repair.

  • The Age of the Flashing: With today’s roofs, we use aluminum or steel as the flashing material. However, with older homes, the flashing is made of cement or tar. These materials can easily deteriorate due to outside elements, as well as lack of maintenance.
  • The Flashing is Corroded: Metal is one of the strongest materials, with the ability to last for years and years. While its very strong, metal does have a tendency to corrode when it’s in contact with water for periods of time. Metal flashing will start out rusting but will progress to corrosion when its not taken care of.

If you think that you need roof flashing repair in Georgetown, TX, please call our roofing contractors for assistance at 512-677-3811.