Synthetic Slate Roofing

When you look at very high-end homes, one of the most common materials you will see on their roofs is slate. Slate has been used on roofs for hundreds and with good reason–slate is an incredibly durable material, which can last 75 to 100 years on a roof. Not only are they a very long-lasting material, but they are also incredibly beautiful. While they have some great characteristics, the problem that people tend to have with slate is that it’s incredibly heavy. When a roof material is too heavy, it can cause stress to the structure of your home. In addition to slate being very heavy, it is also a very expensive roofing material. Fortunately, there is always another option, which comes in the form of synthetic slate shingles. Synthetic slate shingles look exactly like real slate shingles, but they won’t cause structural problems with your home or cost you a ton of money. If synthetic slate roofing is something you want for your Georgetown, TX home, call our roofers at 512-677-3811 to find out more about synthetic slate roofing.

Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roofing

The biggest takeaway from synthetic slate shingles is that they are going to cost less and not be as heavy as traditional slate roofing. While these are great benefits, they aren’t the only advantage that a homeowner will gain from this type of synthetic shingle roofing system. If you are interested in premium roof systems, specifically synthetic slate roofing in Georgetown, TX, you need to know how that type of roof can benefit you.

  • They are easier to install than regular slate roofing.
  • Synthetic slate roofing is very sustainable.
  • Most synthetic slate shingles have a class 4 impact rating.
  • They are a lot more durable than traditional slate.
  • Transporting synthetic slate is going to cost less than regular slate.

If you are interested in roof installation for slate roofing, please give our team a call at 512-677-3811. We are a residential roofing company who believes in exceptional roofing services, so you can feel at ease knowing we can handle any service, big or small. With our experience and knowledge, we will get you the best roof for your home.