Synthetic Shake Shingle Installation

Affordable Wood Look Shingles

One of the most beautiful roofs that you will find on the market is a cedar shake roof. This is because they have a natural beauty that is able to alleviate the look of any home. While we think that cedar shakes belong on cabins on a lake, they honestly look good on any type of roof. Even though this type of roof is very beautiful and enhances the look of your home, it does come with its drawbacks that include maintenance and cost. If you have your heart set on cedar shake but you aren’t crazy about the upkeep or price, the good thing is that there is an alternative. At Topps Home Services our roofers offer synthetic shake shingle installation in Georgetown, TX. Synthetic shake shingles are roofing that is manufactured to look exactly like cedar roofs, but they are made with eco-friendly materials. The most common materials used to make synthetic shakes shingles is clay, plastic, rubber, and synthetics. To learn about these types of synthetic shingles for your home, call us at 512-677-3811.

Synthetic Shake Shingle Replacement

While synthetic shake shingles are a premium roof system that is incredibly durable, they can be prone to damages. Typically, when a roof becomes damaged, it is because of storm damage, the age of the roof, general wear and tear, or lack of maintenance. At our residential roofing company, not only do we offer synthetic shake shingle installation in Georgetown, TX, but we also provide synthetic shake shingle replacement service. If you think that your synthetic shake shingles need to be replaced, please call our roofers! We will be able to inspect your roof and determine if the roof needs repairs or a replacement.

Call Us for Synthetic Shake Shingle Services

If you are looking for a high-quality┬ároofing system for your home, you can’t go wrong with synthetic shake shingles. Our roofers will not only offer exceptional synthetic shake shingle installation in Georgetown, TX, but we can also offer exceptional replacement service. Get the best roof installation or replacement for your roof by calling our roofing contractors at 512-677-3811!