Impact Resistant Shingles Installation

Durable and Weatherproof Shingles

In the state of Texas, we are prone to pretty severe weather, especially in the springtime. Whether its severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, we run the risk of having our properties damaged, especially our roofs. We want to do what it takes to keep our roofs protected against severe rain, hail, and wind, and one roofing system that is able to do this is impact resistant shingles. Any roofing shingle that is considered an impact resistant shingle will have to have a Class 4 rating. There are 4 testing classes that determine how resistant a roof is, and impact resistant shingles are class 4 because they can withstand 2″ steel balls falling at a distance of 20 feet. If you want to make sure that your home and roof is protected during storm season, you can’t go wrong with these types of premium roof systems. Give us a call at 512-677-3811 to make an appointment for impact resistant shingles installation in Georgetown, TX.

The Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles

The biggest benefit to having impact resistant shingles installed on your home is that they can protect your home against severe storms. While this is a very important advantage, there are other reasons why homeowners will love investing in impact resistant shingles installation for their Georgetown, TX home.

  • Wide Variety: With these types of asphalt shingles, you don’t have to sacrifice style for protection. They come in different colors, designs, and styles.
  • Cost-Effective: The upfront cost of impact resistant shingles is going to be more, but you will make all of that back with the savings from roof repairs.
  • Easy Installation: These are easy roof shingles to install, which means a homeowner doesn’t have to wait too long to have this type of roof installed.

If you are interested in impact resistant shingles installation for your residential property, pick up the phone and dial! We offer exceptional roof installation service, so you can trust that when you work with our residential roofing company, you will receive 100% satisfaction. Call our office at 512-677-3811 and speak with one of our roofers today. We are ready to help homeowners get the best roofing for their homes.