You want your insulation to be as effective as possible. This makes sense, as your insulation is the key to home comfort. From your attic to your rafters, the team at Topps Home Services would be happy to ensure all parts of your home are adequately protected with proper insulation installation. Live comfortably, spend less money on bills, and enjoy a healthier home.

You have several options when it comes to working with our team on your insulation. We can remove all the old insulation and redo the entire attic with new insulation. If you are looking for a method that does not involve replacing your insulation, we can spray radiant barrier in the rafters and add additional insulation layers onto what you already have. If you have had critter control performed but the animal ruined the insulation in some way, we can remove the old stuff, sanitize the area, and install it with new installation.

The trend these days is for rodent control companies to offer insulation replacement. However, we’ve found that most of these price quotes are much higher than they should be. If a critter control company is trying to charge you too much for insulation, call us instead. We would be happy to offer you a truly fair price and help you reclaim your home. Save money, eliminate rodents, and help your home reach its full potential by choosing us.

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