Rodents have a nasty way of finding their way into a home. They might sneak in through an open garage door, only to chew their way through the drywall and into the rest of the home. Sometimes they find a crack in the foundation that has pried open the siding, giving them just enough access to get in. From there they start to destroy your house from the inside.

If you need rodent control in the northern part of Austin, don’t be ashamed. But do be quick; the mice and rats in your home will breed quickly. Call Topps Home Services to have them taken care of!

Rodent Control in Austin

Having mice or rats in your home is nothing to be ashamed of. They can get into houses whether they’re new or old. And having a clean or messy house has nothing to do with it, because rodents will chew through the food containers of the nicest homes.

If you have rodents, be sure to contact Topps Home Services to have them taken care of. A single pregnant mouse can have 10 babies in just over 20 days, so never delay if you see any signs of rodents in your home.

But what if the problem is outside? Possums and squirrels can become a nuisance if they start to harass you in your back yard or attack the family pet. We can live-trap animals on your property and take them far away so that they won’t return.

Need a General Contractor in Austin?

As general contractors, Texas residents often use us to fix the problems that the rodents left behind. Rodents chew through everything, which means someone needs to repair the holes they make and ensure that no new critters get in via the same entrance.

But critter repair isn’t all we do. Topps can handle any renovations you might want to make in your home, from small bathroom remodels to renovating an entire house. Inside or out, we’ll tackle any project you send our way.

Let Us Fix Your Problems!

Topps Home Services is ready to get your home exactly the way you want it — looking good and rodent free! Click here to the process started or to ask us questions.