There are many reasons why your neighbors are calling a general contractor in Georgetown. Sometimes they are finally ready to have that big remodeling project done on their house, and other times it’s to repair the damage done by critters that have chewed through wiring and built nests in the insulation.

If you’re tired of living in the same old space or putting up with the same old pests, it’s time to contact a general contractor in Georgetown to revitalize your living space!

Call For Rodent Control

Looking for rodent control in Georgetown? You’re not alone. Rodents have a way of finding their way into any living space. Sometimes they get in via a cracked foundation, and other times it’s a gap in the siding. Yes, it matters how they got in in the first place, because you’ll want to have that problem fixed so that it doesn’t happen again. But you also need the rodents already in your house or business to be removed as quickly as possible. That’s where Topps Home Services comes in.

Our rodent control experts will come in and identify the problem, setting the right traps for the right animals. Mouse traps aren’t going to catch rats, so you want to make sure you have someone on hand who can take a look at the situation and plan accordingly. We also live-trap the most common problem wildlife, including squirrels, possums, and raccoons so that they will stop doing damage to your property or harassing your family.

General Contracting In Georgetown

Being general contractors actually helps us be better rodent control experts. We can not only fix the problems that the rodents caused but can also seal up the holes that let them get in in the first place.

But fixing those small problems isn’t all we do. We’re also general contractors for the entire house, able to add a room or install new insulation. If you’ve been putting off that kitchen or bathroom remodel, why not give us a call and revitalize your living space?

Contact Us Today!

If you’re looking for one-call solutions to your problems, contact Topps Home Services today. We’ll handle your rodent problems and fix up your house so that it looks amazing. Call us today!