What’s on your to-do list when it comes to your house? Maybe you’re interested in getting a bathroom remodeled, or perhaps you finally want to have that new deck installed. Do you need a room added onto your home because a new family member is on the way? Maybe all of these have to be put on hold while you contact someone for rodent control.

Believe it or not, all of these situations can be dealt with with a single call! Topps Home Services not only fixes homes that have been damaged by rodents, but we can also perform any home remodeling project on your list.

Rodent Control in Belton

Rodents have a nasty way of finding their way into a home, and once they have secured this shelter then their only interests are in eating and finding a mate with which to make more rodents.

Putting off rodent control is a bad idea, because you’re just going to have more problems in the future. If you have seen any signs of rodents in your home or business, you should contact rodent control immediately. Topps Home Services has the mice and rat exterminating experience to rid your house of these pests. We’ll also tackle any critter control needs you have, such as a squirrel who has taken up residence in the attic or a possum that won’t stop bothering your outdoor pets. Our live traps are an excellent means of getting them out of your life.

A General Contractor For All Your Needs

After the rodents are gone, you’re going to need someone to fix the damage they caused — compacted insulation, frayed wiring, holes in the walls — and repair the home so that it’s a comfortable place for humans to live.

But it’s not just repairs that we handle. Topps Home Services can also tackle any general contracting project you throw our way, from complete home remodeling to simple landscape additions. Need a room added to your home or a deck built? It’s time to call Topps!

Give Your Belton Pest Control Experts A Call

Topps Home Services is ready to handle your pest control and fix the problems they caused. Contact us today with questions or to get the critter removal process started!