In our first blog, we addressed the interesting aspects of being both rodent control experts and general contractors. While at first it might seem a strange combination, it makes sense when you realize that invading rodent and wildlife can do a lot of damage in a home. From chewed siding to compacted insulation to frayed wiring, wildlife that makes its way into your home can cause a host of problems that a general contractor needs to deal with.

But not every home repair or remodeling project is due to damage left by rodents. They’re not the cause of a leaky roof, they’re not causing the paint in your bedroom to fade, and they’re not behind your urge to remodel your kitchen! Let’s take a look at what your local contractors in Georgetown can do to make your home even homier.


Since you spend most of your time at home inside the house’s four walls, you want to make sure everything is as comfortable as possible. Here’s how we can help.

Insulation Installation

There are many reasons why homeowners might need new insulation installed. Maybe it got water-damaged and moldy thanks to a leaky roof, or perhaps there was never enough insulation put in in the first place. Insulation also needs to be replaced if it has been destroyed by rodents and wildlife making a nest in it, because they’re going to be leaving a lot of droppings behind.

Home Remodeling

At Topps Home Services, we’re remodeling experts no matter what renovation project you’re undertaking. We’ll tackle your kitchen remodel, remove and install bathroom fixtures, finish your basement, or handle any other major project you have around the house. No matter the size — from a small bathroom renovation to a down-to-the-studs complete home remodel, we’re ready to help you get the space you’ve been dreaming of.


New flooring can dramatically change the look of a room for the better, whether it’s new laminate hardwood or plush carpeting. We can help you get the floor you need, whether you’re looking for comfort, ease of cleaning, or both.

Interior Construction

Adding a room to your home? Need framing done? Or maybe you need a closet built and a window installed to officially make a laundry room into a bedroom? We can handle it and make it look great.

Interior Painting

Whether you need a painter because the old coat is getting sun-bleached or you simply want a change of pace on your walls, we’ll take care of your painting needs. Not only will we do an excellent job as painters, but we’ll also protect the space with proper taping and dropcloths so that the paint stays where it’s supposed to.


Drywall is one of the toughest aspects of home construction or home remodeling to get right. While it might look easy, it’s such a specialized field that even people who are big into DIY will hire a drywaller if they’re finishing their basement. Whether you’re having new drywall installed for the first time or if you are in need of drywall repair, we can make sure it looks good in the end.


The upkeep of the outside of your house is important to you and your neighbors. Here’s how our general contractors can help.

Exterior Construction

Need an outbuilding or lean-to to protect your riding mower? Or maybe your garage has seen better days and needs an upgrade? We’ll take care of these projects and many more!


Proper roofing repair and replacement are incredibly important to your home’s safety and the health of those within. Leaks in a roof can lead to mold and mildew, which can get into the air ducts and start making those in the home sick. A leaky roof can come into contact with wiring, which is especially bad if any rodents have been there to chew on the plastic and expose the actual wire. This could even cause a fire in your home. If your home needs a new roof, don’t delay. Call your local roofers as soon as possible.

Exterior Painting

Every day you come home from work, your exterior paint job is there to greet you before your spouse, kids, or pet does! It’s the first thing you see about your home, and you want it to look nice for you and your neighbors. We’ll give it a proper wash and preparation before expertly painting it the colors of your choice.


It’s not just the actual house that we deal with. Your yard is an important part of your property, and we can help it become just about anything you’re looking for. We’ll tackle your landscaping and hardscaping, creating spaces where you’ll want to spend time when the weather is nice. Rock walls, fountains, and concrete paths can all be fun and comforting additions to your landscaping projects. We’ll also be your deck builders or patio installation experts so that you have the perfect place to put all of that lawn furniture.

Of course, you can’t ignore the plants! Plants are an incredibly important part of any backyard, whether you need a fruit tree planted or if you require beds of flowers to be rotated every season. No matter if the plant is large or small, permanent or temporary, we’ll put it in the ground for you.

General Contracting

At Topps Home Services, we have over ten year’s experience as general contractors in a variety of fields both inside and outside of your house. Not only can we perform the home remodeling jobs you’re interested in, but we can also gather the permits necessary to make it happen. And if you’re not quite sure how to make your kitchen work with you, we can use the latest ideas in kitchen design to make sure that people aren’t bumping into each other ever time dinner is cooked.

No matter where you are in the Georgetown, TX area, we’re ready to help you get the home you’re looking for. We offer you expert services in general contracting, all for a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!